Hunky Male Dancers Leave The Judges Stunned On ”Britain’s Got Talent”


On reality talent shows, you should never judge a person by their appearance. Take the following audition, for example, which could have easily been one of the biggest disasters on Britain’s Got Talent. 

When a tuxedo-clad man named Lewis takes the stage all by himself, he tells the judges he’ll be performing a song for them. When the music starts, Lewis began to sing a line from Marvin Gaye’s classic song, “Let’s Get It On.” But he doesn’t make it far before the microphone cuts out and a group of BGT crew members rush onstage and surround him. It’s as if they’re shutting down Lewis’ performance, and the judges are confused and frustrated. But not everything is what it appears to be…

What happens next makes the crowd go wild, and it’s a first for Simon — who is left blushing and covering his eyes. This may not be the best singing on a reality talent competition, but Lewis definitely know how to put on a show!

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