Birthdays should always be special. Everyone deserves at least one day where their loved ones go out of their way to remind them just how much they care. One Redditor knocked that right out of the park with his creative surprise for his wife.

Since it was her first birthday with their new son, he asked members of the online community’s “Gets Drawn” section to help him out with artist renderings of their family photos. The results are fantastic.

He provided the artists with 40 family photos to choose from.

Each photo was translated into different artistic stylings.

They were able to get as creative and whimsical as they liked.

Some are more abstract than others.

Others remain close to the source.

Either way, they’re all seriously adorable.


Of course, how could this cutie inspire anything less than masterpieces?

The dad chose his favorites and framed them up to surprise his wife.

Their already-cherished memories are now even more charming than a simple photograph could capture.

It’ll be tough to top this gift next year.

Watch her priceless reaction to the surprise:


(via 22 Words/ViralNova)

This man is officially husband and father of the year, for sure. Hopefully he keeps us posted for next year’s gift.

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