This Incredible Cat Was Near Death, But Shocked The Entire Hospital When He Did THIS!


Cats have a reputation for being solitary, aloof, even cold. Whereas a dog is likely to immediately come up and start sniffing around, a cat tends to keep its distance.

Actually, this joke comparing a dog’s diary to a cat’s diary illustrates that difference perfectly.

Despite the stereotype, behaviorists have shown that a cat that rubs its cheeks against you is showing that it cares for you; in fact, a cat just wanting to be around you is a good sign that the cat likes your company.

A Polish feline named Ramadenes is proving that cats are not only capable of liking you, they’re capable of caring for you.

Photos of Ramadenes have been going viral throughout Europe, and he’s even become a local sensation.

The adorable black cat was brought into a veterinary center when he was near the point of death. It was touch-and-go, but the vets were able to revive him. As Ramadenes healed, he began to approach the other sick animals and animals going through surgery to do something beautiful…

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After surviving his own close call with a respiratory infection, he now comforts the other animals in the hospital.


His own condition was so severe that he was almost put to sleep, but the vets wanted to give him a shot at life.


Now he recognizes other animals in the same state and he does what he can to comfort them.



This feline isn’t even scared of dogs.


The vets in the hospital refer to him as their “nurse.”


He’s especially affectionate with animals who have undergone surgery.


Not only is he their nurse, he has become a local celebrity and a mascot for the center.


Therapy animals are quite common in hospitals, but rarely are there therapy animals for other animals.


Have you ever seen a cat so affectionate?


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