Insurance commercial tells the powerful story of love and fatherhood

It starts off with a young Hispanic boy watching a man dance the flamenco on his phone. The boy’s father then comes into his room and gives him a martial arts uniform. At first, the boy doesn’t want to do martial arts, but he acquiesces and eventually he gets good at it. When the father is satisfied that his son his good at martial arts, he gets him the flamenco outfit he always wanted. When the boy walks down the block in his rough neighborhood in the flamenco outfit, he has the courage to stand up to the jeers of bullies.
People who watch the video give props to AmFam and the dad. Robert Mason1 comments, “This represents what being a father is all about. More men should aspire to reach this standard. Thanks AFI for kicking off Father’s Day ’16 so appropriately.” Similarly, Hafmanramen comments, “I think this is a brilliant video, Dad’s are one [of] the people who will protect you even when you don’t realise (sic) it 🙂 they will always know you and what your capabilities are.” 
Watch the powerful video below.