> Irish setter is pregnant, shocks everyone when she gives birth to 15 puppies

Irish setter is pregnant, shocks everyone when she gives birth to 15 puppies


On Mother’s Day in Scotland, an Irish Setter named Poppy became a first-time mother when she gave birth to an astounding fifteen puppies. Poppy’s veterinarian told her owner Lisa that Poppy would probably have eight to ten puppies. Because of that, Lisa was shocked when she saw how many puppies Poppy actually had. The most puppies an Irish Setter has ever had in one litter is sixteen, so while Poppy didn’t quite break the record, her large litter is still amazing.

Source: Daily Mail


Lisa chose to have Poppy breed because she loves how good-natured her pup is, and she wants other people to get a chance to have dogs that are just as sweet as Poppy. When it was time for Poppy to have her puppies, Lisa took time off work so she could help and comfort her during the birth.

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Poppy was a trooper during the birth, and she is recovering well. She’s enjoying being a mother and getting to play with her little ones.

Source: Daily Mail


Now, Lisa is looking for the perfect homes for her large litter. Her daughter Abi took one of the puppies, and Lisa is thrilled that she and Poppy will get to see the pup frequently.

“We have about six people who are interested in buying some of them. It’s really not about the money for me,” Lisa told the Daily Mail. “I’ll be heartbroken when they’re all gone. I thought about keeping them, but I think my husband would kill me.”

Source: Daily Mail


Poppy is enjoying some well-deserved rest as Lisa works to find the right homes for her adorable little ones. To see the little pups in action, check out this video of Poppy and her brood.

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