John Joseph Travolta, born in 1954, was the youngest of six siblings hailing from Englewood, New Jersey. His parents were part of the entertainment industry, a fact documented by Even in his early years, Travolta harbored dreams of becoming an entertainer. He made the bold decision to leave high school at the tender age of 17 to pursue an acting career. This determination led him to his first role in a 1972 off-Broadway production, followed by a pivotal role as a replacement cast member in the Broadway production of “Grease.”

This charismatic actor swiftly made his mark in Hollywood, starring in a string of successful films, such as “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease,” propelling him to the status of a rising star. Despite the ebb and flow of his career, he consistently climbed back to the pinnacle of success.

Unfortunately, the past few years brought sorrow to John Travolta and his family when his wife of nearly three decades, actress Kelly Preston, lost her battle with breast cancer in July 2020. Since then, the celebrated actor occasionally shared his family’s grief with the public, and his daughter, Ella Bleu Travolta, who bears a striking resemblance to him, also paid tribute to their late family member.

Following a period of private mourning and focusing on his children, John gradually reemerged on social media in late 2020, frequently posting heartfelt tributes to his late wife and preserving her legacy. As of 2022, John continues to devote substantial time to his children. Continue reading to discover how the Hollywood icon is navigating parenthood without his beloved late wife.

In July 2020, it was John who bravely shared the heartbreaking news with the world, revealing the tragic outcome of Kelly Preston’s two-year, private battle against breast cancer. Despite the unwavering efforts of the dedicated medical professionals and her own unyielding determination, cancer emerged victorious. In an Instagram post, John conveyed:

“It is with a profoundly heavy heart that I convey the heartbreaking news that my beloved wife, Kelly, has succumbed to her two-year struggle with breast cancer. She fought this battle with remarkable courage, surrounded by the love and support of many. My family and I will forever hold in our hearts the deep gratitude we feel for her physicians and the compassionate nurses at MD Anderson Cancer Center, as well as the numerous medical facilities that played a part, and the countless friends and loved ones who stood by her side. Kelly’s love and life will always be eternally cherished.”

He also announced his intention to take a hiatus, offering support to his children, Ella Bleu and Benjamin, as they mourned the loss of their mother:

“I will be taking some time to be there for my children, who have lost their mother. So, please understand if you don’t hear from us for a while. However, rest assured that I will feel the warmth of your love in the weeks and months to come as we embark on the healing process. With all my love, JT.”

In an exclusive interview with Esquire Mexico in 2021, as reported by People Magazine, John candidly discussed the grief he and his family were navigating.

“Grief is an intensely personal journey, and finding one’s own path is the key to healing. It’s unique to each individual’s experience,” he shared. “The most meaningful support we can offer to those going through grief is to provide them the space to embrace it without adding complications from our own journey.”

As John’s two children continue to grow, with Ella at 23 and Benjamin at 12, he remains an integral part of their lives. Speaking to Esquire, John expressed his unwavering commitment to support his children, as reported by Hello! Magazine:

“I am dedicated to securing a bright future for my children, assisting them in pursuing their aspirations.”

He elaborated:

“My current focus involves guiding Ella in her film endeavors and imparting the knowledge required for a career in the profession. As for Ben, he’s still very young at barely 10 years old, and I’m determined to help him develop his potential, recognizing that he has his entire life ahead of him.”

In a candid conversation with Kevin Hart on his show “Hart to Heart,” John recounted how he had a heartfelt discussion with Benjamin about the concept of death, prompted by his youngest child’s question about John’s own mortality. The actor explained, “I explained that it’s a profoundly distinct matter,” and he proceeded to discuss the differences between his own longevity and the finite nature of Preston’s life. He emphasized that his son values the truth, and he reassured him with the statement, “No one can predict when they’ll depart or how long they’ll stay.”

To stay updated on John and his family’s journey, the best way is to follow him on social media. With nearly four million followers on his Instagram account, fans and followers can enjoy heartwarming videos of their everyday activities and lifestyle. John also uses his platform to showcase and support his children’s endeavors. His Instagram bio features a link for fans to download and listen to his daughter Ella’s new song.

Internet users adore witnessing the family’s togetherness and don’t hesitate to comment on their striking family resemblance. Despite the Travolta family’s profound loss, they find happiness in one another’s company and appear closer than ever.

The Travolta family frequently enjoys their time at their exceptional residence in Florida. This expansive dwelling stands apart from any other property on the market. Nestled within the 550-acre Jumbolair Aviation Estates, this home was purposefully crafted for individuals seeking seamless air travel access to and from their residences. John and his late wife relocated to this estate in the late 1990s, fulfilling a long-cherished dream of having airplanes right in their front yard, a testament to John’s unwavering passion for flying.

“It had always been John’s dream to have planes in his front yard, to essentially pull up to the house, so that when the urge struck to dine out, all that was needed was to step out the door, hop on a plane, and take off,” shared Preston with Architectural Digest in 2007. This distinctive house boasts six bedrooms and boasts magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows that offer captivating views of the plane pavilions and the tarmac.

Among the prominent aircraft, the Gulfstream II jet is readily visible, often resting in one of the pavilions. This grand mansion is further complemented by a lavish backyard replete with living spaces and a splendid pool. Notable features that never fail to astound all who see or hear of them include the private state-of-the-art airport, inviting patios, and the unmistakable, gleaming white exterior. The movie star meticulously designed the mini-airport situated near the main entrance of the residence, surrounded by lush trees and verdant grass framing the hangar.

Despite Preston’s passing, her enduring presence is felt within the thoughts of her family and in the striking home they built together.

How do you believe the Travolta family is faring two years after the loss of Kelly Preston? If you’re a dedicated fan of this family, feel free to share this with others who share your affection for them!

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