I Just Discovered The Fastest Way To Peel Potatoes. This Is Life-Changing!


Unless this is some sort of mind trick to make potato peelers around the world cry, a Danish man named Leo Morten Lund may have just discovered a secret that could seriously change the tater game. Lund posted the following video to his Facebook page and people are freaking out! This is a life hack that anyone who like to cook will not want to miss!

Can you imagine all the hours wasted peeling potatoes when apparently all you needed to do was attach a brush to a power drill and go to town?! I’m very curious exactly how Lund made this discovery, but what I’m really thinking about is that I hope he used a NEW toilet brush! Personally, I’m a fan of the skins. It gives more flavor and skin packs all the nutrients, but when peeling them is this easy, why not!

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