> Kidnapping Attempt Is Halted By Fast-Acting Siblings

Kidnapping Attempt Is Halted By Fast-Acting Siblings


Bobbi Doughty had always felt that the park across the street was a perfectly safe place for children to play. “[The children] have always gone to the park. There have never been any stranger danger around. I have always instilled that into their minds. So have their parents.” But last Sunday, the unexpected happened. Doughty was babysitting Brenden, Delicia, and 22-month-old Owen Wright when she let the children play at the park unattended. But terror struck when an unidentified 15-year-old tried to abduct Owen. He quickly took off, as Brenden and Delicia gave chase.

As the brother and sister pursued the kidnapper, others began to take notice. Two local teenagers, Andrew Crane and Isaac Yow, knew something was up and immediately followed after the screaming siblings. “There was a kid’s life in danger,” Andrew said afterwards in an interview. Isaac added, “I don’t consider myself a hero…just a person doing the right thing.” The abductor, now with all eyes on him, left the baby in an empty lot and continued running. The suspect was arrested on Wednesday.

Owen is now home with his parents, who have vowed to watch over their children with even more diligence and care. While babysitter Bobbi Doughty can’t help but blame herself, Owen’s parents insist that they don’t share the sentiment and are just thankful that their son is safe and the abductor was caught. “This whole traumatic experience has actually brought us closer together,” Michael Wright explained.

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