Over the past few weeks, a viral video capturing a heroic shark rescue has made waves on the internet. The stranded creature found itself beached, prompting swift action from concerned bystanders who united to guide the roughly 3-meter shark back to the safety of deeper waters.

The video clip, which was uploaded to the YouTube platform two weeks ago, has already become a sensation, garnering nearly one million views to date. It has also received praise from numerous online commentators.

Tina Fey and Josh Fey were filming a scene in the coastal city of Gulf Breeze, Florida, when a 3-meter shark became stranded on Pensacola Beach. Recognizing the shark’s dire situation, bystanders took it upon themselves to initiate a rescue mission, successfully guiding the shark back into deep waters, allowing it to swim freely towards the open sea.

The shortfin mako, scientifically known as Isurus oxyrinchus, is a substantial species of mackerel shark. These sharks can grow up to 4 meters in length and weigh as much as 570 kg, earning them the classification of endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).


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