Lisa Armstrong, the former wife of Ant McPartlin, has broken her silence following reports of the TV presenter expecting his first child. The 48-year-old has purportedly disclosed to friends his anticipation of becoming a father for the first time with his wife, Anne-Marie Corbett, fulfilling his long-held desire for a family. Sources suggest the TV host is ecstatic about the news, sharing his joy with his Britain’s Got Talent co-stars and disclosing that Anne-Marie, aged 46, is due in June.

Making her debut on Instagram shortly after the news broke, Lisa honored Hurley, the beloved dog she still co-parents with Ant. The heartwarming sketch depicted a dog’s paws nestled in its owner’s hands, conveying gratitude: “Thank you for being my companion in life, my confidant, and most importantly, thank you for being my closest friend.”

Lisa Armstrong has spoken out following reports that Ant McPartlin has confirmed he’s expecting his first child with wife Anne-Marie Corbett.

The 48-year-old has purportedly informed friends that he and his wife Anne-Marie, 46, are expecting their first child, fulfilling his longstanding wish for a family (pictured in January).

Lisa shared the drawing again, accompanied by praying hand emojis, expressing her affection for the chocolate Labrador she still co-parents with Ant.

During their divorce proceedings, it’s reported that Ant insisted, “She can have anything she wants – except the dog,” as the former couple allegedly agreed to alternate caring for Hurley.

In a candid 2013 interview, Ant disclosed the challenges he and Lisa faced in trying to conceive, describing it as a “tough” battle. The couple, who married in 2006, attempted to start a family for years before divorcing in 2018 without children.

Addressing speculation about delaying fatherhood until his co-host Declan Donnelly found a partner, Ant clarified, “Lisa and I would love to have kids. We’re trying. It’s tougher than you think when you get a bit older.”

In December, rumors circulated that Anne-Marie might be pregnant after she appeared to have a noticeable bump returning from a trip to Dubai. The couple has not commented publicly on the news.

According to The Sun, Ant had already shared the exciting news with his close friend and onscreen partner, Declan Donnelly, following weeks of speculation. Anne-Marie, who has two children from a previous marriage, is said to have undergone a five-month scan, allowing the couple to confidently announce their impending parenthood.

Making her Instagram debut just hours after the news broke, Lisa honored Hurley, the cherished dog she continues to share with Ant.

Amid their divorce proceedings, it’s reported that Ant told his lawyers, “She can have anything she wants – except the dog” (pictured: Lisa with Hurley).

In a candid 2013 interview, Ant disclosed that he and Lisa faced a challenging journey trying to conceive (pictured: at their wedding in 2006).

A source revealed to the publication, “This is the news everyone wanted. Ant and Anne-Marie are beyond delighted.”

“It’s no secret that Ant has always desired children, but he had sadly resigned himself to the possibility that it might never happen. They described Ant as a ‘wonderful, doting father’ to Anne-Marie’s children and mentioned that the couple went to great lengths to keep the news under wraps for as long as possible.

They added, “To be expecting a child just two years shy of his 50th birthday, with the love of his life, is the stuff of dreams for Ant.”

MailOnline has reached out to Ant’s representatives for comment.

Rumors have been circulating for months about the couple’s potential pregnancy, especially after Anne-Marie opted not to accompany him to Australia while he hosted ITV’s I’m A Celebrity.

The couple got together after meeting while she was working for Ant and his former wife, Lisa.

Friends previously told MailOnline’s Katie Hind that Lisa would be ‘very upset’ if her former partner’s happy news was confirmed because she too was eager to become a mother. In fact, it’s believed that she and Ant tried for a baby for several years, and she was devastated when their marriage ended in 2018, still childless.

Reportedly, the TV host is “beyond delighted” by the news, which he recently shared with his Britain’s Got Talent co-stars, disclosing that the little one is due in June (pictured together in 2021).

Anne-Marie, who has two children from her previous marriage, is thought to have already undergone her five-month scan, enabling the couple to confidently share the news (pictured together in 2023).

Rumors have been circulating for several months about the couple’s possible pregnancy, especially after Anne-Marie opted not to accompany Ant to Australia while he hosted I’m A Celebrity (pictured: Ant and Dec with winner Sam Thompson).

For makeup artist Lisa, what has made things more challenging is that Anne-Marie previously worked as a personal assistant for them before she started dating the I’m A Celeb star.

A friend mentioned in December, “Anne-Marie was Lisa’s friend, and she played a significant role in helping her secure the job with the McPartlins. Lisa used to send birthday and Christmas gifts to Anne-Marie’s children, she even went on vacations with them, and then suddenly, everything changed.”

Ant and Lisa, a former singer in the now-disbanded pop band Deuce, tied the knot in 2006 in a lavish ceremony at Cliveden House in Berkshire.

They parted ways in September 2018 after he entered rehab for addiction problems.

Subsequently, a protracted divorce ensued, primarily revolving around the TV star’s £60 million estate.

Speculation about their breakup surfaced in autumn 2017 when Lisa didn’t join Ant in Australia for I’m A Celeb. However, she refuted any issues, citing her job commitments and absence from Australia for years.

In January 2018, Ant’s spokesperson confirmed the end of their 11-year marriage. Just weeks later, in March 2018, Ant was linked with his personal assistant, Anne-Marie.

Lisa allegedly expressed her disapproval of the relationship by endorsing a fan’s tweet, labeling it a “major girl code breach” to “start shacking up with your wife’s friend.”

Their marriage officially dissolved in October 2018 when she obtained a decree nisi following his admission of adultery.

Lisa parted ways with her most recent partner, James, 40, in August 2023, after he abruptly ended their relationship and vacated her £4.5 million London residence while she was away working in Manchester.

Sources close to the former couple revealed to MailOnline that their relationship soured over financial matters, as Lisa asserts she lent him money during their time together, but he’s resisting repayment.

They became a couple after meeting while she was employed by Ant and his ex-wife, Lisa Armstrong (pictured in 2021).

Friends previously informed MailOnline’s Katie Hind that Lisa would be ‘deeply upset’ if her former partner’s joyful news was confirmed – as she too longed to become a mother (pictured 2015).

Lisa and James were in a relationship for three years, and the electrician represented her most significant commitment since her highly publicized divorce from husband Ant, in which she reportedly received a £31 million settlement.

James was employed by a company installing electric doors when they met, having recently relocated from the £450,000 family residence he shared with his ex-wife Kirsty in Winchester, Hampshire.

However, James surprised Lisa by abruptly ending their relationship and moving his belongings out of her residence without prior notice while she was away.

A source informed MailOnline, ‘I’m not sure what went wrong. Just about eight weeks ago, the two of them were vacationing together in the Caribbean or somewhere equally luxurious. One day he was with her, and the next day he wasn’t. There were no signs of trouble.’

Despite the unexpected breakup, friends revealed that initially, the couple remained on good terms. However, this has since changed, largely due to Lisa’s insistence on the return of her funds.

A friend of James remarked, ‘When Lisa gave him that money, he saw it as a gesture of goodwill – he didn’t view it as a loan with stringent repayment terms.’

In August 2023, Lisa ended her relationship with her recent partner, James, 40, after he unexpectedly terminated their romance and departed from her £4.5 million London residence while she was away working in Manchester.

‘It’s all got rather messy and Lisa threatening him with legal action is obviously concerning given her financial power.’

Sharing joint custody of Hurley, the arrangement led to the TV presenter’s chauffeur ferrying the dog between the two of them so they did not have to see each other.

It was reported in February last year that Lisa wanted her pet to live with her full time.

She is said to have argued that it was only fair as Ant also had two maltipoo dogs – Maltese and poodle crossbreeds – called Milo and Bumble.

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