As any parent knows, getting little ones ready for bed can be a struggle sometimes.  Well-meaning parents are often met with resistance when trying to make sure that their children are rested and ready for tomorrow, and the reasoning behind their children’s reluctance isn’t always sound. Manny Rego knows this all too well, and his 19-month-old daughter Sophia has no plans of making things any easier for her father.

In this clip, the battle revolves around the issue of pajamas. Rego calmly asks Sophia to get dressed for bed before drinking her milk, but this tenacious toddler was having none of that. Though she is not the most articulate debater, Sophia’s emphatic delivery conveys her message clearly.
For parents experiencing similar power struggles with their toddlers at bedtime, Baby Center has a suggestion. Rather than posing a “yes or no” question to the tot, you could offer them a choice in making some pre-bedtime decisions while ensuring that either option aligns with what you want them to do. Instead of asking Sophia if she wanted milk, it might have been more effective to ask, “do you want milk now, or do you want to put on your pajamas first?” That way, she could explore her independence while still fulfilling both of the things her dad wanted her to do.
Watch Sophia and Manny’s battle of wills, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. How do you put your little ones to sleep with as little drama as possible?


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