It Looks Like A Boring Box In A Room. But What Came Out Of It Blew My Non-Engineering Mind.


Looks can be deceiving… so make sure to never underestimate someone’s creativity. Take this box for example. It seems like it’s just a normal chest, albeit a cool one, right?

What it really is will leave your jaw on the floor. You won’t see this one coming. I didn’t.

It starts out as a normal box, just looking all boxy.

Then whoa. What are you doing, box?

It’s transforming into something.

I still don’t know what.


But it’s getting interesting. Is that a filing cabinet?

Okay, that’s definitely a desk that just seemed to come out of thin air.

More boxes within boxes.

Within boxes. And a little chair for the desk. Cool.

A closet appears to be forming in the corner…


And some kind of shelving to the right. Are you serious, box?

And a… could it be…?

For real?

That’s definitely a bed being produced before my very eyes.

With a pillow!

How all of that came out of a box just blew my non-engineering mind. But I want it.

It’s an entire room in a box! Yep, that’s apparently possible.

If I could find a way to stuff an entire apartment in a box, I’d be set. Any interior designer magicians out there?