Jamie Dupuis a Canadian guitarist from New Liskeard, Ontario, who is best known for his complex fingerstyle technique, energetic performances, and his arrangements on the guitar and harp guitar.

His stunning rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence posted in 2017 brings a whole new ethereal take to the folk-pop classic.

Classically Trained

Jamie Dupuis is a classically trained musician from Canada. He’s a composer and producer who plays the guitar and 18-string harp guitar. Dupuis is best-known for his covers on his S-18NST Tonedevil 18-string harp guitar.

Between his amazing precision and the rarity of the instrument, it’s not hard to understand what people love about his covers.

The Sound Of Silence

Dupuis experienced increased exposure due to this cover. The Sound Of Silence was released in 1964 by Simon & Garfunkel and topped the Billboard Hot 100 at the beginning of 1965.

This song never became dated and instead became a classic. It’s increasing in popularity once again as younger generations are hearing the song as a cover by the popular heavy rock band Disturbed. The Sound Of Silence is a multi-generational hit that so many people know and love, making his unique cover a recipe for an attractive following.

Years In The Making

Dupuis originally posted his cover of The Sound Of Silence to YouTube back in September 2017. Though his cover only started gaining popularity just recently and people can’t seem to get enough of it.

Serene Setting

If the vibe of the music isn’t enough to send you to another mind space, the visual will definitely help get you there. The video is a live performance out in the woods. The camera pans between watching Dupuis’s masterful fingerpicking and the surrounding nature.

Make sure you take a listen to Jamie Dupuis’s captivating cover of The Sound Of Silence on his 18-string harp guitar. It’s a beloved song in a way you’ve never heard. Once you hear it, there’s a good chance that this cover will become a favorite of yours.

What did you think of Jamie’s cover of The Sound of Silence? Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass this along to friends and family who are fans of the song.

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