Man snaps picture of dark ominous clouds, chills cover his body upon taking a closer look


There are some of us who take ten photos of the same scene, only to struggle to pick out one decent picture (thank goodness for Photoshop). And then of course you have those who are blessed with the talent of being able to snap the perfect photo, at the perfect moment, every single time.

Well, lucky for everyone (us non-photographers especially), a great deal of “photo talent” is posted online for all of us to enjoy – the good, the beautiful, and sometimes even the unsettling…

Graham Telford of Leeds, England is an undoubtedly talented photographer; his Facebook photo collection being comprised mainly of simple (yet stunning) landscape and wildlife shots.

Yet, on one fateful day, Graham captured a particularly peculiar picture. A picture which is inspiring chatter, and chills, all over the world!

Graham has his “head in the clouds” often, as he spends a great deal of his time taking breathtaking snapshots of the beautiful English skies. Glorious sunrises, threatening storm clouds, pastel-streaked sunset skies – this photographer sees it all.

Facebook/Grahams pictures

Well, he thought he’d seen it all. Until one day, he looked up at the sky through the lens of his camera, and the sky “looked” right back down at him. Graham managed to capture a sight which is leaving people in utter shock…

Facebook/Grahams pictures

Graham shared with Daily Mail,

“I have never seen anything like it before.”

He then went on to explain,

“These clouds just formed the perfect shape of an eye – right down to the eyebrow. It was amazing.”

The eye, the top and bottom lids, the brow bone, the eyebrow, the tear duct – it’s all there, plain as day!

Facebook/Grahams pictures

And how did social media respond, you ask? Viewers went nuts over this eye-opening photo! Many people commented on the brilliant beauty of the sky and of Graham’s picture, while others described the cloud formation as “God’s eye watching over us.”

Whichever lens you see this sensational snapshot through, we can all agree – Graham certainly has “an eye” for photography!