Meghan Markle created a moment of tension onstage when she intervened to prevent a woman from posing next to Prince Harry for a picture following his victory in a polo tournament.

At a glamorous charity polo match in Miami, Florida, the 42-year-old Duchess took charge of the stage after presenting Harry, 39, with a trophy. She directed individuals on stage, including a well-dressed woman in a white dress, to rearrange themselves, positioning herself in the middle of the group next to her husband, with a royal fan standing beside her.

Just moments before, Meghan shared a tender kiss with her royal spouse to commemorate his victory, all while a Netflix camera crew trailed behind, poised to capture the intimate moment for the Duke’s forthcoming series.

As a woman tried to pose next to Harry, Meghan squeezed her to the middle of the group
The move led to an awkward shuffle on stage as Meghan insisted on standing beside her husband

The incident occurred when a woman attempted to position herself next to Harry, prompting Meghan to gently guide her towards the center of the group, steadfast in her determination to stand beside her husband.

The group eventually found the space to celebrate on stage

Finally, the group managed to locate enough space to celebrate together on stage.

Moments before the awkward exchange, the couple enjoyed a passionate embrace to celebrate Harry's victory at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge

Just before the uncomfortable incident, the couple shared a heartfelt embrace to mark Harry’s triumph at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge.

The uncomfortable moment lingered as Harry kept his arm firmly around his wife, prompting others to shuffle around them in search of space. Despite Meghan’s insistence on her position, the woman had to maneuver under the trophy to find her place on stage before exchanging words with Meghan.

Harry appeared flushed during the interaction, likely due to the scorching temperatures of the day and his exertions leading his team to victory at the Royal Salute Polo Challenge.

Accompanied by her close friend Serena Williams, Meghan made a striking impression at the exclusive $1,600-a-ticket event in an $800 dress by California designer Heidi Merrick. The flowing white sundress featured a statement bow and cut-out back, complemented by a $3,300 Maison Valentino bag. Despite the grassy terrain, Meghan confidently navigated the surroundings in towering heels, surrounded by her camera crew.

Meanwhile, Harry arrived hand-in-hand with the Duchess in a smart summer ensemble, opting for cream trousers, a pale grey jacket, and a pale blue shirt, paired with slip-on tan shoes.

Competing in his customary polo attire, Harry engaged in friendly banter with guests and posed for the Netflix camera crew. Later, the couple posed with Harry’s longtime friend Nacho Figueras, often dubbed the ‘David Beckham of polo,’ and his wife, Argentine socialite Delfina Blaquier.

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, beamed with delight as she presented her husband with his trophy

With a radiant smile, the 42-year-old Duchess of Sussex proudly presented her husband with his trophy.

Meghan embraced the beaming sunshine in an elegant white dress, which featured a pleated skirt design, halterneck top, and a cut-out at the waist

Meghan gracefully welcomed the sunshine in a chic white dress, showcasing a pleated skirt, halterneck top, and a tasteful waist cut-out.

Meghan was joined at the event by her close friend, tennis legend Serena Williams

In attendance at the event alongside Meghan was her dear friend, tennis icon Serena Williams.

Harry and Meghan were joined at the event by Nacho - who is known as the 'David Beckham of polo' and his wife, Argentine socialite Delfina Blaquier

Harry and Meghan were accompanied at the event by Nacho, often likened to the ‘David Beckham of polo,’ along with his wife, Argentine socialite Delfina Blaquier.

While Harry's Netflix project will delve into the glamorous world of polo, Meghan is working on her own production for the streaming site that will focus on lifestyle-centric topics

As Harry delves into the glamorous realm of polo for his Netflix project, Meghan is crafting her own production for the streaming platform, centered on lifestyle-centric subjects.

“He appeared every bit the consummate networker – exchanging handshakes, flashing smiles for photos. It was evident he was in his element,” remarked one observer.

As Harry took to the field, Meghan enjoyed the company of her tennis legend friend Serena, who leisurely sipped champagne as they mingled amidst the glitz of the event.

At a certain juncture, Serena and Harry shared a heartfelt embrace as the Prince briefly stepped away from the match, their warm connection evident from their embrace, a testament to their close bond over the years since the Duke and Duchess first started dating.

The royal couple’s presence at the event coincided with their ongoing commitment to filming two new series for Netflix under their $100 million deal with the streaming service.

With Meghan’s recent launch of her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, the couple is venturing into non-fiction projects. Meghan’s focus seems centered on lifestyle-oriented subjects such as gardening and cooking, while Harry is poised to explore the exclusive world of professional polo.

Announcing the news on their Archewell website, they pledged to “offer viewers unparalleled access to the realm of professional polo,” promising to unveil the sport’s raw intensity and dedication required for top-level competition.

“Traditionally renowned for its elegance and social ambiance, the series will unveil the sport’s grit and fervor, capturing the essence of its players and the dedication demanded to excel at the highest echelons,” they added.

Meghan took center stage as the team gathered around to celebrate their win

Meghan assumed the spotlight as the team converged to revel in their victory.

Harry was filmed playing at the Miami event as part of his upcoming polo show on Netflix, which promises to capture 'all it takes to compete at the highest level' of the sport

Harry’s participation in the Miami event was captured for his upcoming polo series on Netflix, vowing to depict “all the elements required to compete at the pinnacle of the sport.”

Before changing into his polo attire, Harry opted for a pair of cream trousers, a pale grey jacket, and a crisp blue shirt, while donning some slip-on tan shoes

Prior to donning his polo attire, Harry chose cream trousers, a pale grey jacket, and a smart blue shirt, complemented by slip-on tan shoes.

Amid expert assertions that the Duke is collaborating closely with Archewell PRs to meticulously orchestrate his public appearances and minimize any potential pitfalls, Harry and Meghan made a striking public entrance.

Recent outings by Harry have been meticulously managed, with limited information, videos, or images shared beforehand or during the events. Instead, authorized photos or video snippets have been released hours, or even days, post-event.

This tightly controlled approach was evident at the latest event, where access was reportedly restricted to a pre-approved list of individuals, according to a staff member who spoke to

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