Emotional Father’s Reaction to Newborn Daughter Leaves Everyone Speechless, But Their Love Prevails

When the father laid eyes on his much-anticipated baby girl, a wave of emotions rendered him momentarily speechless, causing concern for his wife. Overwhelmed by what he saw, he could only manage to utter, “It’s bad.” However, they quickly gathered their strength and resolved to provide their newborn daughter with boundless love and unwavering care. Prepare yourself for tears of joy as you witness the remarkable journey of this now 5-year-old “princess” today.

Throughout the nine months of carrying a baby, a mother experiences a mixture of joy, anticipation, and a touch of uncertainty. Every new parent’s heartfelt desire is for their precious bundle of joy to be born healthy. However, life doesn’t always unfold as expected, and sometimes the path is met with unforeseen challenges.

A Mother’s Love Transcends Unexpected Challenges: Jennie’s Story

Jennie Wilklow, hailing from Highland, New York, eagerly anticipated the arrival of her daughter. With hearts overflowing, she and her husband couldn’t wait to embrace their little one. Each ultrasound and doctor’s appointment reassured them of the baby’s health, bringing them comfort and serenity. Little did they know that sweet Anna’s birth would introduce a condition that would forever change their lives.

At 34 weeks, Jennie underwent a C-section, bringing Anna into the world. As the doctors expressed their admiration for the newborn’s beauty, it was precisely what Jennie needed to hear in that moment.

A short while later, the proud mother’s ears were graced with the sound of her daughter’s cry, reassuring her that all was well with her precious gem.

When her husband visited Jennie, he was strangely silent and looked worried and puzzled.

“My husband’s silence scared me; he just sat in shock as the doctor left, and I prodded for more info,” Jennie shared with Cafe Mom.

“He just kept saying, ‘It’s bad.’ What does that even mean? I thought in my head. He told me, ‘Jennie, I looked in her eyes, and she has the most beautiful soul.’”

Anna was diagnosed with harlequin ichthyosis, a rare condition that causes thick diamond-shaped plates that are separated by deep cracks. “As they tried frantically to help her, her skin hardened within seconds (of birth). After hardening, it began to split, causing open wounds all over her body,” Jennie told Cafe Mom.

Although doctors weren’t sure she would survive, Anna beat the odds and is thriving. “She was beauty in the purest form,” her mom said.

There isn’t cure, and the treatment is quite demanding as it requires constant baths and keeping the skin as much moisturized as possible. “Every couple of hours I covered her with Vaseline and bathed her for many hours of the day. I had dreamed for years about the things my baby would wear, and though it seemed so trivial, it was what I struggled with most,” Jennie said.


In an attempt to raise awareness about this condition, Jennie posts photos of Anna on her Instagram page harlequindiva. She opens up about the everyday struggles and what it is like to have a child with harlequin ichthyosis.

“Anna captured everyone’s hearts because she is the purest form of perfection. Doing the work every day is simple when I’m doing it for her, and with every new accomplishment, the world celebrates with me,” Jennie told Cafe Mom.

She adds, “I now understand that I was given her because of the love I already carried in my heart for my daughter. Anna was meant for me, and I for her, and together we will show the world what true beauty is.”


Anna’s innate beauty shines through, and she is blessed to have parents who go above and beyond to ensure she leads a fulfilling life, just like any other child. Their unwavering commitment to her well-being is truly remarkable.

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