Mom And Dad Come To The Rescue When Their Baby Falls Down!


Zoo goers in Zurich got an experience of a lifetime after watching two parents come to the rescue after their baby slipped in the elephant house.

It all went down in January when a baby elephant named Omysha was trying to climb up a step in the enclosure. The sweet girl, wobbly legs and all, thought she could clear the step but she ended slipping and fell right onto her bum! Lucky for her, Mom and Dad were in eyeshot of the incident and within seconds ran to their baby girl to make sure she was OK.

Knowing she has some pretty awesome parents close by must make Omysha smile, which is pretty cool especially since her name is actually an Asian name meaning “smile!”

It was amazing to watch not only the quick response of her parents, but also their sounds of concern! It’s all enough to melt your heart!

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