Mom Spots 24 Seamen Standing Totally Still In Her 90-Year-Old Neighbor’s Driveway


Ernest Thompson served on the USS Missouri during the Second World War. And in the years afterward, he got married, had a family, and now spends his days in comfortable peace.

But over the years, he always liked to think back to his days at sea, so he would often visit the local USS Iowa Museum to reminisce and think about his younger days.

But due to health concerns, Thompson has been too weak to make it over to the museum he loves so much. Due to a fall, he hasn’t been able to walk or stand for very long, and while it might seem like his days of visiting his second-favorite ship might be past him, it seems he was in for a huge surprise.

When they couldn’t bring Thompson to the ship, they brought the ship on over to Thompson! A group of Navy men and women paid a little visit to Thompson’s neighborhood, and he must have felt quite the shock when he heard “Anchors Aweigh” being sung right in his driveway!

Thompson made it to his porch and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The only thing he could think to do was give a proud salute with tears in his eyes, KTLA5 News reports that he told his grandson it was “the best day of [his] life.”

It’s no surprise that a group of young sailors would go above and beyond to make this man’s day, but it’s still a wonder to get to witness.

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