When Sherry first met her future daughter, Brooke was in the maternity ward at South Central Regional Medical Center, where she worked as a maternity nurse. Brooke’s mother couldn’t take care of her child, then noticed how emotional Sherry was towards her adopted son, Brian, and decided to give her child to Sherry.

The addition of a new member to the family was an unexpected but lovely surprise for the couple. She brought up her baby Brooke in 1994.

“What a wonderful thing God let it stop at Laurel,” said Sherry. “We’ve always wanted little Brian and baby Brooke.”

To tell Brooke how much she loves her, Sherry picks up the pen to write her a letter.

Loving mother Sherry wanted to express her deep love for her daughter and how much she was a blessing to the family, so she wrote her a letter:

“Dear little Brooke,” Sherry wrote as 18-month-old Brooke was sleeping in her crib.

“My children were adopted,” Sherry told ABC News. “I just wanted them both to know how much they love.”

Sherry hid the letter for 20 years. In 2015, Brooke was about to start her new family, and she was about to get married. So Sherry decided it was time to give him the message.

Just before Brooke’s big day, Sherry took off her wedding dress, tore off a piece of it, and had the letter imprinted on it.

Moments away walking down the aisle, Brooke was confused when her mother Sherry asked everyone to leave the room.

A devoted mother alone with her daughter revealed this wedding gift: the message!

Brooke couldn’t hold back her tears as she read the letter, which was handwritten in elegant and bound handwriting.

The moment is epic and overly emotional. The entire moment was captured by videographer The Film Poets. You can’t help but feel it too!

“I had no idea the message was there,” Brooke said. “Of course I started crying.”

Later, Brooke got pregnant and decided to write a letter to her child when he walked down the aisle.

“With such an effect on me so much,” Brooke said, “I am not going to write one.”

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