A Native American Tribe Challenged A Uniformed Marine To Dance. What’s Captured Next? SIMPLY AMAZING


While you might not think a United States Marine in full uniform would be a likely to dance at a traditional Native American ceremony, that’s exactly what happened at the Iowa National Powwow in 2014.

Every year for the last three decades, the Iowa Nation of Oklahoma hosted an annual powwow to celebrate and honor their rich heritage and culture. And everyone is welcome at the party.

The event is free and open to the public. The festival lasts for three days and includes lots of fun activities like a run, softball games, and of course, dance competitions.

In Native American culture, dance has multiple purposes. It acts as a chance to celebrate, of course, but it also is a deep ritual with spiritual meanings.

Before war, Native American tribes would often perform a war dance as a prayer for a positive outcome for their tribe on the battlefield.

In the clip below, you’ll see Lance Corporal Marland Trey Kent participating in a war dance with fellow veteran and Iowa nation member.

Although each man is dressed in a distinct uniform, Kent in his Marine uniform, and the other veteran, in the uniform of his tribe, they both dance together in harmony.

Even though these men come from different backgrounds and cultures, they are both warriors and are happy to share the war dance together.

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