It’s A Normal Day At The Nursing Home, But Keep Your Eye On The Red-Haired Lady…OMG!


You’re only as old as you feel and age is but a number — this video is glorious proof of those two concepts. I bet you can’t get through it without smiling from ear-to-ear!

I AM KINDNESS is a group of volunteers that performs random acts of kindness throughout the city of Minneapolis; sparking inspiration, promoting goodwill, and spreading as many smiles as they can. Volunteer Sarah says the footage below was from her group’s first outing at Mount Olivet Senior Care Center.

Much to their surprise, the residents were treated to an entire day of primping and pampering — some for the first time ever. From makeup and clothes to posing for a bona fide photo shoot, no one deserves this taste of luxury more than them. Seniors are often overlooked by society, so it’s wonderful to see them let loose and enjoy the spotlight for once. Literally! I love the woman with the red hair. How hilarious is she?!

Directed by Jason Ho, this video is sweet, joyful, and humorous. Watching these lovely ladies react to their special day — and to their awesome makeovers — filled my heart with warm, fuzzy goodness.

Thank you, I AM KINDNESS, for all you do!

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