It seems as if with cars, you always need to repair something to keep your vehicle moving and running.  Things are always breaking down, and paying for repairs can get aggravating and really expensive once your car starts to fall apart.

One of the most annoying things that can happen in the world of car repairs is having the need to repair your windshield.

It is a sad fix because if you are driving and  little rock gets kicked up at your windshield, you will probably end up with a tiny little crack that may seem insignificant, but you will want to get it repaired nevertheless.

Paying for a completely new windshield is not an expense you will be happy to take on just for that little speck on your windshield though!

That’s why ChrisFix, a popular YouTube channel, posted a video that has reached over 3 million views, describing how to fix a cracked windshield at almost no extra cost to you at your home.

In the video, Chris has a little spider web crack on his windshield, and shows us in the video how he is going to fix it for little cost, and little effort.

First thing you need to do is to wipe down the surface with a washcloth dipped in alcohol.  Chris mentioned explicitly not to pour or spray any content directly onto the windshield, but to instead put it on the washcloth, then rub the area down.

Next, grab a windshield repair kit.  Chris picked his up for $10 at an automotive store and you can too.

After you clean the area, take your little push pin and clean out the hole and make sure there is no extra glass floating around in the hole.

Next grab your seal.  You want the tab facing up and the crack in the middle.  Peel off the other side and apply it to the windshield, place it down, then peel off the top side and put the pedestal on top of seal.  The sticky side from the seal should hold the pedestal on top of the sticky seal firmly.

Go grab the resin that the kit came with, and cut off the top with scissors. Next, place about 3/4 of the resin through the top of the hole into the apparatus, and place the resin to the side.

Grab your syringe, and fit the tip of the syringe snugly into the top of the pedestal.  Pull up and lock the syringe so that you create a vacuum.  Let it sit there for about 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes is up, take the syringe out of the hole to return it to normal pressure, then place it back in an push down to create extra pressure this time to force the resin into the hole and wait 20 minutes.

After time is up, take the pedestal off, and finish off the process by dripping a drop of resin on the affected area, then placing a hard surface on top to flatten out the spread.  Let that dry, and your windshield should be repaired!

If you want to see how it’s actually done, check out the video below.



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