Omaha Police Department has taken a daycare staff member into custody following the tragic demise of a 1-year-old child on Monday. The child was found in a van associated with the daycare.

While specific details surrounding the circumstances leading to the child’s unfortunate passing remain undisclosed, it has been confirmed that the child was left within the hot vehicle, although the exact duration is yet to be determined.

Records from the National Weather Service indicate that Omaha experienced an unusually high temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday, surpassing the normal average by 9 degrees. Temperatures within a closed vehicle can escalate even further. Within the span of an hour, the interior of a car can elevate by over 40 degrees, irrespective of external weather conditions.

The apprehended individual is Ryan Williams, aged 62, who serves as both the owner and driver. Williams is slated to appear in court on Wednesday morning, facing allegations of child abuse through neglect that resulted in the child’s tragic demise.

On the fateful day, 1-year-old Ra’Miyah Worthington, accompanied by her two siblings, was under Williams’ care. His responsibility was to transport them to the Kidz of the Future Child Development Center II, where they were intended to spend the day.

Upon reaching the center, Williams disembarked from the van with two of the children. However, reports suggest that he became preoccupied with a crying child and inadvertently neglected to retrieve Ra’miyah. Upon realizing her absence, he rushed to her aid, but tragically, his intervention came after the situation had become irreversible.

The young child was transported to Nebraska Medical Center but was pronounced deceased shortly thereafter.

In response, the daycare facility was promptly closed down as the Omaha police sustained their investigation.

“The Department of Health and Human Services places the utmost importance on safeguarding and ensuring the welfare of children. We are collaborating closely with law enforcement as they probe into this heartbreaking incident. Moreover, an emergency order has been enacted, temporarily suspending operations at the facility to facilitate thorough investigations,” conveyed a spokesperson from DHHS to 6 News.

“The daycare collects the children early in the morning,” expressed Rianna Worthington, the father of the young girl. “My concern is, how can you forget a child whom you personally placed in the vehicle, while taking the other two off? How is it possible to overlook one when you removed two others from the van? How could my baby be forgotten?”

Worthington further elaborated during an interview with 6 News WWOT, stating, “The daycare employs an application that provides updates about the children’s activities throughout the day. However, my baby was never logged in. Among the three we sent, only one was checked in. It’s evident – you must have left my baby in this car since the morning.”

Family friends of the child have initiated a GoFundMe campaign aimed at assisting the parents in covering the costs associated with the funeral.

Within a span of three days, the campaign has garnered over 1,100 contributions, amassing an aggregate of nearly $35,000.

“Given the unfortunate negligence on the part of her daycare provider, the family bears an enduring emotional burden. In an effort to aid in the arrangements for the funeral, manage household expenditures, and support the care of Ra’Miyah’s five other siblings, I extend an appeal to all those willing to contribute,” reads the campaign’s description.

The child’s mother staged a demonstration outside the daycare establishment, gathering a group of around twelve individuals in solidarity.

“My child didn’t return home. Her siblings did. She didn’t. How could all of you forget about her? You picked up all the kids, took them off the van. How did you manage to forget my baby?” she passionately voiced during the protest.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the mourning family.

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