> OMG! This Cat Momma's Reaction To Her Kittens Is Hilarious!

OMG! This Cat Momma’s Reaction To Her Kittens Is Hilarious!


It’s important for kittens to learn the necessary skills of swatting shoelaces, pouncing, and tormenting bugs, and the best way to learn all of those things is with a friendly wrestling match.

But it’s tough learning how to do cat things without a four-legged role model to follow.

Thankfully, these tiny kittens have someone who’s willing to show them everything they’re doing wrong in their very first play-fight.
I can hear the bigger cat now. “No, no, no, no! Do it like I showed you last time. First you get up on your hind legs, then you swat! It’s simple!!” Be sure to SHARE this cat coach and his young students with your friends and family!