When it comes to big cats, lions and tigers rule the world. Nothing is as strong or powerful as these mighty animals. While they used to be separated by continents, made-made zoos have united them. While it might have been impossible before, now the regal-maned lion and the fearsome-striped tiger can unite. In reality, it is a match made in feline heaven.

At the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, an unlikely pair emerged. But for Ivory the lion and Saraswati the tiger, it was love at first sight. While it is unusual enough for a tiger and a lion to pair up, their match has been made even more unique because of their white coats. Zoologists say there are less than 300 white lions and 1,200 white tigers left on the face of this planet.

But now these albino big cats have made history…

Recently, Saraswati and Ivory did something that has never been done before in the documented history. They have bred the world’s first litter of white ligers. And these little guys and gals couldn’t be any cuter.

The four liger babies have been named Odlin, Samson, Yeti, and Apollo.

As you can tell from their pictures, the cubs have mostly-white fur but unlike mom, they’re still covered in tiger stripes.

But although these babies are beautiful, a sad truth lies behind their genetic makeup. Since they are a hybrid between two species of animals, they will never be able to make their own cubs. These genetic hybrids are sterile. So although they will hopefully grow to a ripe old age, they won’t be able to make their own beautiful white-furred babies.

The cubs are still adorably small. But they’re growing fast. Their caretakers report that they’re gaining a pound per day which is the rate they’re supposed to grow.

When they’re fully grown, these baby ligers will be just as big as their mighty parents. And they’ll also be a major difficulty for their handlers. But right now, they’re super playful and love the attention they’ve been getting from humans.

While they’re growing fast, these cubs are still exploring the world around them. Everything is so new and exciting still.

It is possible for these cats to grow up to be one of the biggest big cats in the world.

We’re sharing a video of these cubs below! Here’s what’s written in the description:

“These adorable cubs may look cute and unassuming but they are in fact the rarest of their species — and could grow to be the biggest cats in the world.”

Want to know what other people think? Here’s what some viewers said about the baby ligers.

  • “i want one xD hahah so cute!! Ligers are my favourite big cat even before this but they’re just SOOO CUTEE!!!”
  • “Omg the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen”

Aren’t these cubs absolutely adorable? Too bad they can’t make more cubs. The world would be a better place if they could sustain the liger species.

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