When things don’t turn out like you expected them to, it can be very frustrating. But for these products many of us use on a daily basis, it’s actually a good thing. You probably don’t realize this, but many of the products you use every day were “happy accidents.” Even your favorite childhood toys like the Slinky or Silly Putty were originally intended to be industrial products.

Each of these items were meant to be used in incredibly different ways when they were first created… it’s a good thing someone looked into them a little further.

2.) Kotex: The Kimberly-Clark company made these new surgical dressing out of the new material, Cellucotton, during World War I. As well as working great for wounded soldiers, Red Cross nurses discovered it was equally as helpful during that special time of the month.

3.) Kleenex: Another Kimberly-Clark, this time using their excess supply of Cellucotton to create the thin, disposable tissues which were marketed at the time as “the new secret of keeping a pretty skin as used by famous movie stars.” Sneezing apparently became a bigger issue than cold-creme application around 1930.


5.) Bubble Wrap: The pop-tacular padding was originally designed by engineer Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes as textured wallpaper. Unfortunately, that trend didn’t take off like they had hoped, but in 1959 IBM announced their new computer which inspired Fielding and Chavannes to offer their invention as packaging material for the sensitive tech.

7.) Brandy: Around 900 years ago, wine merchants would boil water off of their large shipments in order to keep the cost per volume low on custom taxes. Eventually, someone gave the byproduct a sip and discovered it was a delightfully smooth beverage all on its own!


8.) Play-Doh: In the 1930s, soap manufacturer Cleo McVickers thought he’d discovered a new way to clean wallpaper with his doughy invention. 20 years later, his son Joseph added a dash of color to the clay-like concoction and marketed it to youngsters who embraced its more creative uses.

10.) Viagra: The infamous little blue pill was originally intended to treat symptoms of heart disease such as hypertension and angina. However, during initial clinical trials they discovered it did little to help in that matter of the heart but did have a moreamorous side effect.

(via Mental Floss,viralnova.)

I will never look at Lysol the same way again, but it definitely goes to show you how any failure can be turned into a success.

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