These Paintings Are Holding A Very Dark Secret That You Would Never Guess. Take A Look.


Take a close look at these various water colors… what do you think? Even art amateurs can tell the artist was finely honing his skill, even if he wasn’t a master of his craft just yet. But these paintings hold a secret.

These were painted by a young Bohemian that lived in Vienna around 1905. Most people aren’t familiar with these simple, but beautiful, watercolors. The artist was able to survive, thanks to orphan benefits and support from his mother. He applied to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and later, he’d become a household name.

Source: RedditVia ViralNova

The artist’s name is Adolf Hitler.

Before his terrible reign, he was an aspiring artist. The art school in Vienna rejected him twice. When his mother died at the age of 47, he ran out of money and became homeless and had to pursue other endeavors.

He was one art degree away from possibly not committing one of the worst and large-scale atrocities against mankind.

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