Parents Adopt Little Girl From Ukraine, Only To Make An Unexpected Discovery


Vern and Nanette had six kids, but they desperately wanted another child. One night, Nanette had a distinct dream about a little girl named Emily. Though Emily was a figment of her imagination, “I knew that she was mine.”

The couple had a hard time getting pregnant again, but just when they decided to adopt, Nanette got pregnant with her seventh child. Still, Nanette couldn’t stop thinking about that little girl she envisioned so clearly.

Vern and Nanette flew to the National Adoption Center in Ukraine and began searching through photos of orphaned children for hours. They immediately stopped on a black-and-white photo of a little girl with a big bow in her hair. Vern and Nanette knew: This was Emily. This was their daughter. They got the approval to adopt her.

Upon returning home to the states, Vern and Nanette quickly fell in love with Emily, but they also made a startling discovery. They had no idea that Emily had a sibling who was still in Ukraine — an older sister named Elizabeth who was more like a mother to Emily, since their birth parents were out of the picture.

Six months after learning of Elizabeth’s existence, Vern and Nanette received a photo of her in the mail. And soon after that, they received a handwritten letter from Elizabeth herself.

When Vern and Nanette read what Elizabeth had to say to them — the people who took Emily away from her — they made another stunning realization…

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