This Pelican That Couldn’t Fly Showed Up. What These Guys Did Is Brilliantly Awesome.


After a bad storm, Bigbird the pelican was found on the shore, injured and separated from his parents. He desperately needed rescuing, so the staff at Greystoke Mahale helped him out. Bigbired was accidentally separated from his flock, but thanks to his newfound friends he would be able to learn to live a normal life.

They taught him to fly by running up and down the beach and flapping their arms. Thankfully, this silly exercise ended up being a success!

To see the full video of Bigbird’s awesome journey, watch the video clip below.

I hope he found his way home, safe and sound. Thank you to all of the kind folks who took the time to help this guy get back on his feet (or wings).

Source: Go Pro

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