> Some People Are Bad At Their Job... And Then There’s These Employees.

Some People Are Bad At Their Job… And Then There’s These Employees.


Tons of people don’t like their job, but hating it so much that you seemingly go out of your way to do the worst work possible? Apparently, that’s pretty prevalent as well.

You’ll be shocked to see how bad these employees are at the thing they rely on to pay for food, clothes, and shelter. (Unless, of course, you’re one of them.) In that case, thank you for taking a break from your busy day of ruining everything to take a look at these ever so awful employees.

1.) In her defense, solitaire is a one-player game.

1.) In her defense, solitaire is a one-player game.

2.) “(APOLOGY)”

2.) "(APOLOGY)"

3.) Mmm… just like the humanoid raccoon that raised me used to make!

4.) Well, they’re not wrong.

5.) Pants? That’s assuming a lot, buddy.

6.) Go for the… is there a medal for last place?

7.) That top bun must be really weighed down by the tartar sauce.

8.) That is some venti racism.

9.) You’re going to need a bigger box.

10.) Eh, who needs to know what’s going on in the world anyway?

11.) The other people in this list can learn a thing or two from this diligent worker–wait a second!

12.) They’re two clever for their own good.

13.) Fumble!

14.) You’re tired!

15.) Not even close.

16.) Wow. How do you make it to management-level without knowing how to spell Deluxe Sausage correctly?

17.) SHM.

18.) Common sense is a relic of the past.

19.) Talk about mailing it in.

20.) Whoever did this needs to get canned.

(via Distractify/viralnova)

If you really hate your job, learn to embrace it like these people did! Or, you could just work somewhere else and save everyone some massive trouble.

Share these lazy employee fails with other people. We all know the pain of terrible service employees.