Most People Don’t Understand These 20 Things, But Now You Will.


Many people go through life confusing a lot of very similar words, phrases or thoughts. It’s more common than you think. (For example: Quite a few people would have mistakenly said, “It’s more common then you think.”) The most important thing is learning from your mistakes. Don’t feel embarrassed for making them.

Here is some of the most commonly confused vocabulary around. It’s the kind of stuff you don’t say every day, so figuring out if you’re wrong can take a while. Thankfully, these helpful images will sort out your issues for you.

1.) You use this one a lot.

1.) You use this one a lot.

2.) PSST: don’t forget about England, too.

2.) PSST: don't forget about England, too.

3.) D’oh.

4.) I didn’t even know this mattered.