> PHOTOS: For My Entire Life I’ve Only Used Wax Paper For Baking. I Had No Idea You Could Do THIS…

PHOTOS: For My Entire Life I’ve Only Used Wax Paper For Baking. I Had No Idea You Could Do THIS…


Wax paper may seem a bit boring or useless.  It sits in our drawers in our kitchens, not doing much except for lining baking sheets.  These new ways of using wax paper will allow you to use it for so much more!  Check them out, you might be surprised how useful this home commodity really is!


Everybody loves candles, because they not only set a great mood for your living space but also provide nice scented aromas for the room.  The main issue with candles is that they get knicked and cut on the edges!  A simple solution is to wrap them in some wax paper, and your candles will stay fresh much longer.


Don’t have a funnel for when you are making that treat?  Wax paper has very low friction, so it works great as a funnel if you are ever caught in a pinch for one!


Wax paper isn’t only a kitchen tool.  You can use it to rub your gardening supplies, and it will remove all the dirt and grit, ensuring your tools will never be rusty.  Who would have thought?


Using the low friction properties of wax paper yet again, wrap it around the edge of a door to prevent it from getting stuck.  That was easy!


Keeping your sink and other kitchen appliances clean from water marks can be super easy.  Just rub them with some wax paper, which will apply a thin wax coating to the metal causing them to resist the stains.


Use wax paper as a mop!  Not only will it clean dirt off your garden tools, but it will also stick to dirt and dust from around you home.


Wax paper is also great for catching glue drips on that DIY project.


Preventing dust build-up in a home is essential for healthy living.  Just coat the tops of your bookshelves and dressers with some wax paper, and never have a dust problem again!


Stuck zippers are awful!  They take so much time to fix, but are so essential to a piece of clothing, or accessory.  Next time your zipper gets stuck, run some wax paper along the teeth of the zipper to allow for easy sliding.


Last but not least, if you have extra wax paper, line your drawers with them to prevent from the destruction of the wood.