The Plastic Chairs Were UGLY. So, She Took Off The LEGS And Now Uses Them For THIS! How Fun!


Instead of throwing the old lawn chairs in the trash, she took them outback and made this for the pool!

There was a time when almost everyone had at least a couple of those white plastic chairs used for patios or lawns.

They aren’t the prettiest things to look at, but they are light and good to have on hand for parties.

If you’re ready to get rid of them, though, there’s a really fun way to make use out of the chairs, and blogger Cherie Marie shared how she did it on aHometalk post.

The steps are so simple, and there’s not much to it — but the results are amazing!

“Wondering what to do with your old plastic chairs?” Cherie wrote. “We didn’t want to throw ours out.”

That’s when Cherie decided she could use the plastic seats to create something useful for the pool!

The pool chairs are one backyard accessory you probably didn’t know you needed until now!


To complete the project, Cherie cut off all four legs from each chair, leaving just the seat, back, and arms.

Now, it seems like it would be weird to sit in a chair with no legs to dangle, but it actually works really well when you put the seats up to the edge of the pool!

That’s exactly what Cherie did, along with painting each one a fun, bright color.

“We cut off the legs and painted them,” Cherie wrote. “Now they’re great for sitting around the pool and dangling your feet in the water. (…) They also cheer up the environment.”

All it took was a few different colors of bright spray paint to really make the chairs exciting.

Now, Cherie and her friends and family can soak their toes all summer long and not worry about being uncomfortable sitting on the ground!


Plus, the chairs like this are still really easy to stack and move away from the pool when they don’t want them near the edge.


This is one of the easiest and quickest DIYs there is, and it’s just in time for the warmer weather!