Policeman Shows Off His Wild Dancing Skills During A Parade


When one woman saw a group of cops walking through the streets during a Mardi Gras festival, she was smart enough to bring out her camera and start filming.

That’s because within seconds, this big and muscular-looking police officer stopped in the middle of the parade and started dancing like no one could ever have expected.

For too long, our nation’s cops have been under attack; people from all over don’t seem to understand that any “bad cops” out there are few and far between. A vast majority of the brave men and women who wear blue chose this job so they could protect and serve their communities.

So when this one cop was seen dancing like nobody was watching, we’re so happy that he got caught on video. It seems like too many people want to show “bad” cops doing “bad” things, but this guy seemed only intent on having a good time all while making sure his community stayed safe!

And when another cop joins in at the :08 mark? We couldn’t stop smiling! These guys really are the greatest in every sense of the word. Thank goodness they’re going viral for all the right reasons.

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