Postman Comes Up With A Creative Way To Satisfy A Dog When There’s No Mail For Her


We love our dogs for many reasons: how they love us unconditionally, make us laugh and smile, and comfort us both when we need it and when we don’t.

Each one has his or her own distinct personality, traits, and quirks — much like people. Postman Martin Studer sees many things on his route to deliver mail, including people’s pets, but he has one favorite customer: Pippa, a golden retriever!

Pippa loves delivering her owner’s mail, so when there is no for the mailman to give her, he must improvise. He makes her happy by simply pretending there’s mail!

In a Facebook post, Martin shows off his handwork: all he needs to do is write a quick note on any slip of paper, and the happy pup is willing to believe that this piece of paper is really mail for her to bring to her owner. Pippa may not know the difference, but at least her mailman knows exactly what satisfies her.

Now scroll down to see Martin’s clever solution when there’s not mail for Pippa!

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Martin Studer is a postman in Brisbane, Australia. He sees many pets on the job, including Pippa, an adorable dog.


Martin has several pictures of Pippa, as he’s intrigued by her love for fetching her owner’s mail.


The regular occurrence makes him feel a little guilty every time there is no mail for her to

So the postman came up with a clever solution: he could make up mail by slipping her a piece of paper. Bonus points for writing “Mail For Pippa” on it!


Not knowing that this isn’t actually mail for her owner doesn’t make a difference to Pippa.


She’s still quite content!

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