Pour epsom salt into a sock to easily treat any ear infection


Because of the chilly weather outside, we are more susceptible and prone to illnesses this time of year. One of the most common illnesses to contract in the winter is the cold, and a common symptom of the cold is an ear infection.

Ear infections occur when a cold attack causes fluid to become trapped in the middle ear. This mostly affects children, and symptoms of an ear infection include earaches, and thick, yellow fluid coming from the ears.


Fortunately, there’s a helpful home remedy that can provide quick, sweet relief for the common ear infection.

An ear infection can be painful. It’s a nagging annoyance that simply won’t go away, and it can drive you crazy at times. Fortunately, one doctor’s natural, homemade remedy has gone viral on the Internet, and it can certainly help you the next time you have a dreaded ear infection.

All you need is a white sock…


… and some Epsom salt. One doctor explains that Epsom salt is a time-tested natural remedy that is perfect for aches and pains, and ear infections are no exception. You will need enough sock to fill the foot part of the sock. This generally is about 1 to 1 and a half cups of Epsom salt.


Open the sock, and carefully pour the Epsom salt inside. Using a wide-mouthed funnel is recommended because this will prevent any messes from occurring. Also, ensure that the salt is rather course so that no granules slip through the sock’s fabric.


Once the foot of the sock is filed, tie a tight knot to the neck of the sock to prevent any salt from spilling out.


Afterwards, heat the salt-filled sock on a skillet. Use medium-low heat and keep flipping the sock back and forth until the salts are warm, but not hot. It’s important to use a white sock for this because the dye on colored socks can burn easily.

You can also heat the sock in the microwave, but be careful. The salt in the sock can heat very quickly and burn, so heat in five second increments to carefully monitor the heat of the salt.


Once done, give the toasty warm sock to the infected member of your family. Have them place the sock against their ache, and within a few moments, they will find a sweet relief from the ache and pain. You can reuse the same sock over and over again. Just heat it up before use!


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