Maggie Downs was no stranger to loss, as she had a miscarriage in her previous pregnancy.

Wanting to do everything by the books her second time around, Downs stuck to a strict diet while pregnant with her son Everett.

“No alcohol, no deli foods, nothing raw, undercooked or smoked,” Maggie writes. “The bulk of my produce was organic, my drinking water purified through a reverse-osmosis system. I used clove oil on a persistent toothache instead of visiting the dentist, because I didn’t want any anesthetic to pass through my body and into the placenta.”

With all of these precautions in tow, Downs was sure she would have a seamless delivery and a happy, healthy baby boy.

It wasn’t until a nurse took a urine sample from the laboring mother that a red flag was drawn that something was wrong.



Downs’ urine tested positive for methamphetamine, a potentially highly dangerous situation for the baby. Downs instantly laughed it off, knowing that she had never consumed the drug so that some mistake must have been made. The nurse, however, warned her how serious of a situation it severely was, as Downs was at risk for losing her baby to a social worker if it was determined that she was using drugs.

She knew that the only medication she had consumed during her pregnancy were prenatal vitamins and an inhaler for her asthma. As it turns out, asthma medication is one of the few chemicals that can show up as a positive for meth in your system.



It took over three weeks after her son was born for her to convince hospital staff that this was the case, and she was able to be fully reunited with her baby boy.



While we are happy these rules are set into place when they are actually needed, rare instances like this make us nervous about ever being separated from our little ones when they are born.






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