Rosa’s Pizza Shop Lets Customers Pay It Forward To The Homeless


One day, a customer walked into Rosa’s Fresh Pizza shop in Philadelphia. The man asked if there was anyway he could pay for a slice for a homeless person. Essentially, he wanted to donate $1 (the cost of a slice of pizza), so that if any homeless person came in short on change, the pizza would be paid for.

The owner, Mason Wartman, thought this was a great idea. He noted the prepaid pizza on a Post-it and put it up in his store. The next day, a man with only 65 cents came into the store. Wartman was delighted to tell him his pizza was already paid for.

More and more the customers were happy to contribute a few bucks to buying the homeless and hungry the pizza slices. A few customers turned into thousands. So far, Wartman has given away 10,000 slices of pizza.

Now, the pizza shop is covered in Post-it notes. Each one represents a donation. You can grab one if you’re homeless or short on change and get a free pizza. It’s not a social experiment, like the one where people take a dollar or give a dollar to strangers, it’s a bona fide system of kindness.

Rosa’s is committed to running their business this way! The idea is brilliant because it helps customers to help each other without causing the business to lose money.

“I was seven years homeless myself, as a veteran. I finally got myself out of the rut. I got myself an income, and I want to pay it forward,” one veteran said.

This just goes to show how one person can make a huge difference in their community. All it takes is one great idea!

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