We’ve seen dogs provide rude awakenings to their owners in the past – though we can’t always blame them. Sometimes a pup is so excited to start the day that he/she needs to wake everyone in the house. Maybe they’re looking for breakfast, or maybe they just want to go outside and run around. Regardless of their motive, it’s hard to get angry when you awake to your dog’s loving face – that is, if it’s free of slobber.

Below, Lexi the Samoyed is eager to get a start on her day and go for her morning walk. Dad is still sleeping, and Lexi can’t go for a walk without her companion. So she pays her snoozing owner a visit and watches over him peacefully before deciding to wake him up. She doesn’t lick his face or bark in his ear, rather she uses gentle movements to do the trick. I’m not a dog owner, but this is exactly how I would want my pup to wake me up!

For those of you with four-legged friends, how do they let you know when it’s time to play? Tell us about your pup’s personality or their funny quirks in the comments section.we always look forward to user feedback and all your insightful comments. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to share it on Facebook!


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