> Sometimes, Animals Hate Taking Baths...And Sometimes, It's Just Too Cute

Sometimes, Animals Hate Taking Baths…And Sometimes, It’s Just Too Cute


Some animals love being wet. Others hate it so much, they’ll hide under every couch you own in order to avoid taking a bath.

There are animals that do relish a warm bath, while others leave you with scratches on your forearms as a reminder to never ever get them wet again. These pictures show you the whole spectrum of animals’ emotions toward water.

1.) Few pets enjoy a warm bath quite as much as this little guy.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I enjoy a warm bath as much as him either.

2.) This kitten is hanging on for dear life…

Just praying for the end of bathtime.

3.) “I will have my revenge.”

4.) Schotzy looks like he could use a blowout after his bath.

5.) “Does this bath make my ears look big?”

6.) This cat wants nothing to do with you ever again.

“Sleep with one eye open.”

7.) This one wants out but knows that escape is futile.

8.) This guy is lucky that he can turn himself into a lifeboat.

9.) He’s seeing himself in the mirror wet for the first time.

10.) “WHERE is the rest of my face?”

11.) Calm down, it’s just water, dude.

12.) “Where did my dignity go?”

13.) “Please, human, please let me out of this bath.”

14.) This little sloth loves getting scrubbed down.

15.) “Ugh, I hate the rain. Don’t you, Bob?”

16.) “Please sir, I’m so cold.”

17.) Someone get this guy a towel, already!

18.) “Sigh. Why do I always fall for their tricks?”

19.) “Not sure how I feel about this wet thing yet, but I’ve totally got this.”

20.) “Best. Bath. Evarrr.”

Whether they like it or not, one thing’s for sure: These animals are adorable even when they’re mad at you. Next time you give your pet a bath, have your camera ready to capture their hilarious reaction and share it with us.