Taking the lead, Michael proactively reached out to them. As per a CNN report, he conveyed to the owner that their lost dog had been located. Yet, when he disclosed their precise location, the owner was left utterly speechless.

The proprietor of Cleo was taken aback upon discovering that the canine had embarked on a journey spanning over 57 miles from her present residence in Kansas to her former abode in Missouri. Michael quipped, “That’s quite a trek for anyone.”

What adds to the astonishment is that neither of them can fathom how Cleo orchestrated her return home, considering there were only two perilous paths she could have chosen. One entailed crossing a bustling bridge amidst heavy traffic, while the other involved traversing a river.

Cleo’s account is not an isolated incident. In 2013, a similar scenario unfolded with a cat named Maggie Marvel Holly. Frightened by fireworks during a vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida, with her owners Jacob Richter and his wife Bonnie, Maggie went missing. Despite their exhaustive search and eventual return home disheartened, Maggie astounded them by reappearing in their garden after approximately 63 days. She displayed signs of hunger, fatigue, and weight loss from the arduous journey that had taken a toll on her paw pads due to prolonged walking.

Jacob shared the emotional rollercoaster, remarking, “It felt like losing a child. She wasn’t just a pet but a family member.”

Dr. Sara Beg, the cat’s veterinarian, marveled at Maggie’s homeward voyage. The mechanics behind such journeys remained unclear, with potential factors including intuition, scent tracking, or following celestial cues like the sun.

Returning to Cleo’s narrative, Drew expressed his elation and gratitude at her return. He conveyed to KMBC TV, “It’s an incredibly odd tale. Being reunited with her feels truly wonderful. She means the world to us.”

Michael wrapped up by stating, “Now that we’ve identified her rightful owner, if she ever pops up again, we know who to contact.”

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