When prom season rolls around, guys have it pretty easy. All they have to do is slap on a snazzy tux or suit and they’re all set!

Sure, some fellas like to go above and beyond with someimpressive duds for the event, but more often than not, it’s pretty cut and dry. Ladies, however, have an endless array of sequins, taffeta, and silk to comb through before making their final decision.

It’s not something that can be rushed, something my aunt learned this year when my cousin waited until the week before the dance to finally make her choice! Of course, some seniors prefer a more hands-on approach and craft their own unique, one-of-a-kind gown. The frocks might get super creative, like the girl who made hers out of something most of us toss away without a thought: gum wrappers!

Like her, the young woman in the photos below wanted to make sure heads turned when they saw her waltz in the door…


At first it looks like she simply stocked up on plenty of sequins at the hobby store, but this material has a sweeter source: soda can tabs.


She got the idea from one of her favorite cartoons way back in 8th grade and started saving all her tabs, eventually amassing the 6,328 required for the glitzy gown.


She had previously created bracelets for herself and friends similar to the strap of her dress, but soon discovered this much larger scale wouldn’t be quite as easy as the animated characters made it seem.


The work was clearly worth the gorgeous result, which ended up weighing 4 lbs, though she did have some trouble sitting comfortably.


The ingenuity caught the eye of the professional photographer at the shindig, too. He was so impressed that he offered to take a free snapshot and include a key chain-size print so that he could show the design to his daughter. After the dance, she was interviewed by her own local newspaper, the newspaper from the next town over, and a radio station across the globe in Colombia! It’s amazing how something so simple can create such a stunning reaction. And, it’s the perfect way to make sure you avoid that awkward moment when you see someone else wearing the same dress.


If you love to see innovative and inspirational prom dresses like the one this young woman came up with, check out the video of an Iowa teen who made this incredible dress out of gum wrappers.


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