He Surrounded A Fire Pit With 12 Fans – What Happened Next Is Incredible


If you were ever curious to learn how to create a swirling tornado of fire, you’re about to see how to get it done. All you need is a fire pit, a bunch of household fans, and a bunch of fire extinguishers in case something goes horribly wrong (which, c’mon, it’s a giant tornado of fire). Luckily for these people, nothing bad happened during their endeavor, so they were able to capture this amazing video of their fire tornado.
I better not hear about a ton of fire-tornado related incidents across the country after writing this. When creating something like a fire tornado, always make safety a priority, and don’t ever try this at home—unless you are completely sure that you will be safe and unharmed during the process. I’m not liable for your irresponsible acts, people!