> How To Take A Regular Old Bra And Make It A Backless One

How To Take A Regular Old Bra And Make It A Backless One


Before you rid your closet of any old bras that have seen better days, you can actually turn them into something functional and cute. And the best part: You only have to sew a few stitches!

Did you know you can take an old bra and turn it into a backless bra? Yep! And it’s a DIY project I can’t wait to make myself!

After Ray Lee posted her video on “All about Bras,” her viewers requested a tutorial on how she made her DIY Backless Bra. This easy step-by-step is perfect for the summer time if you have any low back outfits — and though it only requires light sewing skills, make sure to be careful with the needle.

The last time I fell in love with a DIY fashion project, it was the tote bag made out of an old T-shirt. While this backless bra doesn’t offer a massive amount of support for some, the end result is a simple undergarment perfect for those warm weather, back-bearing outfits. The only tools you’ll need are a pair of scissors, thumbtacks, sewing pins, and a needle and thread.

What a quick and fun way to save money. Is it something you’d make for yourself at home? Let us know, and please SHARE this video tutorial with your friends!