Take A Tour Of The Gorgeous Off-The-Grid Home Built Into The Side Of A Cliff


Even the staunchest of city dwellers often find themselves with an itch to escape all the skyscrapers and concrete they’re surrounded by to get back in touch with nature. I know I definitely grab every opportunity I can find to stretch my legs somewhere other than the Manhattan grid, even if that’s just a trip to Central Park.

The couple below, however, wanted to really stay in touch with the elements by building their home right inside them. Their home is located within the side of a canyon cliff about 20 minutes from Monticello, UT.

Just looking at it from the outside is stunning, but seeing how Phil Houghton and his wife Barbara managed to burrow their life throughout the rocks with rustic style makes it all the more charming. Despite its rigid base, they manage to give the off-the-grid abode a totally cozy feeling.

Warning: Chances are high that you’ll suddenly have the urge to pack up all your belongings and head out to the desert to join them!

After blasting a wedge from the cliff, Phil, a former mine worker, designed the interior with three bedrooms inside the 2,100-square-foot space, all overlooking 52 acres of Montezuma Canyon.

After years of making the aptly named Cliff Haven into a true home, the Houghtons made the tough decision to leave their incredible dwelling as they’ve gotten older and less able to properly care for it.

The ample abode would be perfect for a family or young couple looking for a way to keep their modern comforts while immersing themselves in the historic and natural aspects surrounding the canyon.

And who wouldn’t love waking up to this view every day? On top of the amazing interior, Barbara and Phil have cultivated an amazing orchard full of delicious fruit flowering all year round.

I can imagine how difficult it is for them to leave a place they’ve clearly put so much love into. Phil even seems to tear up a bit as he discusses it in the full clip below.

Take a look for the complete tour, including a glimpse into their fascinating tunnel system that acts as a fire escape while providing cool, clean air at the same time.

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