Philippine Fisherman Roland Abante Stuns America’s Got Talent 2023 Judges with Remarkable Voice

Roland Abante, hailing from the Philippines, made a captivating appearance in the latest audition of America’s Got Talent 2023. Despite his humble profession as a fisherman, he astounded the judges with his exceptional singing abilities.

His audition video has already become an internet sensation, garnering over 700,000 views on YouTube alone. The Filipino singer has received praise from across the globe for his remarkable talent.

Roland Abante made a memorable introduction to the judges by performing the iconic hit “When A Man Loves A Woman,” originally sung by Michael Bolton. Released in 1991, the song continues to be recognized as one of the world’s most beloved hits.

Experience the awe-inspiring vocal talents of this Filipino fisherman as he captivated the judges and enthralled the audience during his appearance on America’s Got Talent 2023.

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