Tater tot casserole sounds like kid food, but is actually a pretty hearty meal

Much like fish sticks or chicken nuggets, tater tots often get generalized as children’s food. The tiny, crispy, deep fried morsels of potato goodness are anything but childish to eat. They may not be the fanciest way culinary invention, but they sure are tasty and with a little bit of help, they can be transformed into quite the delicious dish.
Socalgrrrl05’s recipe takes tater tots and elevates them to a hearty ranch-style dish that any cowboy or cowgirl would love to dine on!
Start by layering frozen tater tots, bacon, chopped chicken breast and cheese on the bottom of your slow cooker.
Repeat the layering process until you reach the top.
Once you’ve gotten to the top add an extra generous layer of cheese to top the whole thing off! Pour a little bit of milk over the entire thing, cover it and let it cook for about four hours or so.
Once it’s done cooking, give the entire pot a little mix and scoop yourself a nice hearty portion! Top it off with a little extra cheese and enjoy!
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