Teacher Wears Same Outfit Every Day To Stop Bullying


Students and teachers cannot believe what 39-year-old teacher Faith Perry wears to Mohonasen High School. At first glance, there’s nothing really that peculiar about the outfit. Perry sports a floral-print blouse, black slacks, and black sneakers.

The unusual thing? She wears the same outfit every single day and for a very good reason. One day while teaching, Perry overheard a student being bullied. The girl was being harassed for wearing the same outfit two days in a row as if it were a crime.

Perry stepped in and told her classroom that there was nothing wrong with that. She even bet them that she could wear the same outfit for two weeks. They didn’t believe her. That’s when she agreed to wear the same outfit for an entire year.

She kept her promise, and now, both students and teachers are doing the same thing to make a statement against bullying. Perry washes her outfit every night or every other night, then happily puts it on.

The teacher plans on doing the same thing every year, but choosing a new outfit each year until there isn’t anymore bullying at the school. What an inspiration!

“It’s important to be a professional, too, because that’s my job, but it’s more important about how I do my job, not what I am wearing,” Perry says.

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