> Teacher Writes Inspirational Message On Each Student’s Desk Before Test

Teacher Writes Inspirational Message On Each Student’s Desk Before Test


When we look back at our years spent as students, many of us can remember one specific teacher that really stands out from the rest. This teacher may have gone above and beyond to care for us or cater to our needs, or may have given that extra push that you needed in order to best succeed. Whatever the case, it seems more than likely that this teacher is sure to leave the same kind of lasting impact on her students.

Mrs. Langford works at Evergreen Avenue Elementary School in Woodbury, N.J. The students were preparing for their PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) testing, when Langford decided to do something extra special to help motivate them to do well.

Using a dry erase marker, she left custom messages for each student written across their desks.

These personalized notes for her 5th graders were simple reminders that there was at least one adult in their lives that cares about them as people, and wants them to reach their full potential as students.



A few of the messages read:

“Yovani, I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it! Do your best! Love, Your Teachers.” Another said “Ish, I know this is the first time you are taking this test. Use all the tools, and grow your brain! Love, Your Teachers.”



Each message also concludes with the hashtag “#growthmindset,” which is the idea of teaching others about their own potential growth habits, especially for children who are already developing in so many other areas.



Although this is a small act on behalf of Mrs. Langford, it is the type of gesture that is sure to make an impact on at least a few of her students, and is likely something that they will remember for years to come.



What is the most memorable thing a teacher has ever done for you?

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