Teen Boy Saves A Woman’s Life After Hearing A Bloodcurdling Scream In The Dollar General


Anyone who’s ever witnessed an emergency situation knows that it can be difficult to act. There are a million thoughts that begin to run through your head and the panic can be absolutely paralyzing.

But despite the intense rush of fear, there can also be an adrenaline spike that allows you to jump into action and do what needs to be done.

Luckily, this is how a great deal of people react when something dangerous starts happening around them.

For example, this man cut a young woman out of her seatbelt and pulled her to safety as her car went up in flames. He didn’t hesitate for a second, and it made all the difference.

Then, there’s this young girl who saved her father’s life when she gave him CPR. It’s even more difficult to act when you’re personally connected to the victim, so I give her a lot of credit.

For 18-year-old Steven Conway, his chance to save the day came when he stopped in the Dollar General store to pick up a soda to go with his calzone.

A loud shriek had Conway running to the front of the store where he found an unbelievably horrific crime taking place.

His bravery and quick thinking in that moment may have been the difference between life or death for one woman. And he couldn’t be more humble in his hero status.

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